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ESSURE® - Permanent Birth Control

For women who are certain their childbearing days are behind them Essure® permanent birth control is an alternative to surgical tubal ligation. Unlike surgical sterilization procedures, Essure® involves no incisions, hormones, cutting, burning or risks of tubal ligation.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that we perform at an Outpatient Surgery Center in about 35 minutes. Essure is permanent and not reversible.

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At the start of the procedure,

  • Your doctor will insert a thin, lighted telescope-like device called a hysteroscope through your vagina, into your uterus and to the fallopian tubes.
  • The hysteroscope transmits the image of your uterus onto a screen, allowing the doctor to see the uterus and the openings of the fallopian tubes during the procedure.
  • Flexible, coiled micro-inserts are then inserted through the cervix and placed in the fallopian tubes. This will prevent the sperm from reaching the egg.
  • During the next three months, your body forms a natural tissue barrier around the inserts to permanently occlude the fallopian tubes and prevent sperm from ever reaching an egg.
  • During this period, you must continue using another form of birth control.


  • After three months, your doctor will conduct an Essure® confirmation test using a dye and an x-ray to ensure that the fallopian tubes are completely blocked. This is commonly known as an HSG (hysterosalpingogram).
  • The procedure must be scheduled between the end of your period and ovulation. If you are on the birth control pill, it can be scheduled any time as long as you are not bleeding.

Essure® micro inserts do not contain hormones so there is no effect on the menstrual cycle. However, for women who have been using hormone based birth control pills, you may have slightly heavier periods due to the hormone decrease when you discontinue the pills.

This procedure is permanent and NON REVERSIBLE. You must be sure you have completed your child bearing.

Intercourse can be resumed as soon as you are comfortable. The Essure micro inserts are in the fallopian tubes at the top of your uterus and will not be felt by your partner.

  • The micro inserts are made of polyester fibers, nickel-titanium and stainless steel.
  • These materials have been used safely in many implanted devices in the heart and other areas of the body for many years,
  • These devices are safe with any type of medical test including MRI.

Success Rates

  • Essure® has been approved by the FDA since 2002.
  • Studies have shown Essure to be 99.8 percent effective after four years and 99.74 percent effective after five years.


Feel free to discuss any of these alternative methods of contraception with your doctor:

  • Tubal ligation by laparoscopy
  • Male sterilization by vasectomy

Non permanent methods of birth control such as oral birth control pills, barrier methods or IUD.

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